Our World Combined

longing for warmer days
lounge in the sun, pondering nothing
warmth is what i seek
perhaps it’s only a fantasy
though i know you and i should be real
just a perfect summer day
spent in your strong embrace
my face feeling the day’s radiance
letting your presence soak into my soul
gentle hands caressing my tanned back
temperature rising ever so slightly
as your lips touch my neck
everything troubling disappears
because you color my cloudiest moments
an enchanting, hypnotic yellow
lead me to the cool waters
only skimpy bikini separates our body
letting every second soak and embed 
into my mind so i can remember
how your intense gaze makes me weak
needing my world and yours
to somehow become just one, ours
nothing would tear you from me then
mistrust, misgivings, caution
fading from your face as your beautiful lips smile
to have this time with you
would swaddle me at night in comfort
on the nights when i cannot  touch you

@ donetta sifford 5-2-2013 

11 responses

  1. What a beautiful love poem–I hope you can share it with the person who inspired it.

  2. I agree with Brian the intimacy is beautiful =) Gorgeous writing, wonderful interpretation of prompt.

  3. Thank you so much for leaving that kind comment … it's people like you that inspire me not to stop writing .. even when I feel it might be time.

  4. Thank all of you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. 🙂

  5. everything troubling disappears – very hot and steamy. Almost made me blush!

  6. Warm, balmy days ~ and nights ~ melt away all the negative. Very nice ……….

  7. Sensuous… I love it.

  8. What a wonderful world to get lost in!

  9. Soaking in the presence of a loved one is one of the best kinds of soaking. Very lovingly sensual verse here! Glad to see you at Poetry Jam this week.

  10. very nice intimacy in this…the kinda back and forth between man and woman…written with a gentle pen as well…i def dont mind this kind of soaking…smiles.


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