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I have been crushing for over a year on Jared Padalecki aka Sam on Supernatural.  It took awhile because I’m not one to watch television by nature.  His steamy look and kid like character on Supernatural caught my eye at a friend’s house and so I began watching the show religiously.  Jared_Padalecki_0001

Throughout the many deaths and changes the brothers went through as I’m watching rerun after rerun to get to the latest show, everyone was all about Jason Ackles aka Dean, Sam’s older brother.  There is no denying he is easy on the eyes.  As the show continues from the first episodes and Dean grows also,  I have found my attention diverted to him.  So, now I am majorly crushing on Jason Ackles.  To the point my friends are forever tagging photos of him to my Facebook page.  Hey, I’m not complaining.   dean supernatural

As anyone can see, the action in the show full of monsters, ghost, demons, werewolves, and other supernatural beings that the Winchester boys chase, it is already a terrific show.  I just think that they done a wonderful job choosing the best two people to play the brother’s and hunters.  It is almost time for it her on Eastern Time.  I’ll let you guys decide.  I can have two crushes, right?supernatural boys


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  1. Hell yes, you can have two crushes! I can’t think of two better. I love Supernatural, and have been a fan for years, at least since Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on. The chemistry between the two stars and the storyline have kept me coming back. It is a great show!

  2. They certainly are pretty boys! I, myself, have a crush on Zac Efron and have had since the High School Musical days, although I never admitted it then, because he was so young it seemed a little, well, perverted. Now it’s open season!

  3. Oh you know that show is without depth and meaning. But, whatever excuse you need to oogle the eye candy is okay by me! Damn their hot!

  4. Crushable for sure.

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