Green Thoughts

green thoughts,  grass above
the sand where my blanket lies
sun hot against my skin, 
the water seeming to call to me
with each splash, each motion

running along the hot grains
to reach where wetness meets land
heat on my shoulders contradicts 
coldness splashing up my legs
finally plunging in and surfacing
refreshed, like a mermaid gliding

finding my way to the wooden dock
climbing up the ladder to the diving board
view so calming in it’s beauty, 
man made lake seems to go on forever
green thoughts play in my mind 
as i stare at the mountains around me

all thoughts disappear as i dive 
making my way back to shallow parts
beach feel of the swimming area 
screams out summer to me with green thoughts

@ donetta sifford 5-12-2013


6 responses

  1. Beautifully descriptive words. Felt like I was there having fun iwth you.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day at the beach, and fun in the sun with thoughts looking crisp and green through the summer.

  3. In my house, we've started counting the days until the end of school and summer begins! Your poem is getting me ready for those thoughts of summer!

  4. ah this is lovely…lots of good green memories there…love laying in the grass under the sky, feeling the heat…and taking a dip in the lake..all about it …love it..

  5. This is wonderful Donetta, you've captured the essence of summer and all that beautiful green that goes with it. :<)

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