Replay Soundtrack

wouldn’t it make your life easier
had the world truly been flat
no complications, confusion, or chance
to crash and burn, rise again
everything would be fine 
taking a glimpse in the rear view
 dust hasn’t settled on my past
when ask if i would do it all the same
my answer is an absolute yes
soundtrack to my life plays on now
 many sweet songs remind me
 you’re here, then you’re gone
i’m being left behind
don’t know how to be sweethearts 
 then pretend we never met
if the music fades away
you’ll know i’m on a different path

@ donetta sifford 5-15-2013

i have to give a shout out to lance’s blog – my blog can beat up your blog. i love music and his 100 word song started out as something cool i stumbled upon.  it is still very cool but i have also learned a lot of great bands and songs by listening to what’s posted on tuesdays.  not only does his book rock, his lovely wife and children, and his blog……… he admits with no shame, he is a music snob.  i love any genre of music, any artist, as long as i can relate.  what i love more is first hearing a song, such as the one above, and wondering 1. why i hadn’t heard it before and 2. being forever thankful that i have more music to add to my long list.
{gasp, i just admitted to the self proclaimed music snob that i have not heard a lot of songs posted on his blog. i should be hiding this fact, i’m sure. since i am very grateful though for the musical education, i will take a small blow to my ego. } 


4 responses

  1. This is great, the two perspectives intertwined, make for a very intriguing piece.

  2. I loved this very cute piece…it was such an enjoyable read…loved it!

  3. I have heard that saying or something like it: 'When it's fun it's fun, when it's not it's done'. I honestly don't want to ever figure it out. I prefer not to play with anyone's emotions. If I care for someone, they know. If I don't, they also know. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Don't know how to be sweethearts, then pretend we never met.
    I never figured out how to do that either. Some people seem to do it all too easily. Fun is fun, and done is done. I don't roll that way.

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