Vivien Leigh is a Scorpio Too!

Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh


I have adored Vivien Leigh since I first seen ‘Gone With The Wind’ when I was probably 13 years old and then seeing it close to 1,000 times since.  I learned some about her life and the fact that she wasn’t an American actress yet played the role and accent of a southern belle so wonderfully, fascinates me still.  I read up on several movies she played in.  I am sure I seen her birth date in my searchers.  It didn’t register if I did, until I seen this photo, she is a Scorpio.  I too am a Scorpio which is said to be one of the most intense, diverse signs of the 12.  I have found out throughout any talk of Astrology or Zodiac signs that a lot of people find the Scorpio spiteful, jealous, cruel, ect.  Not very nice things.  I will say that I am bound by moods and I do run on emotion alone at times.  I learned recently though that even in the Scorpio month, some have broken the sign into 3 parts, depending on your date of birth as to what part a person is.  Scorpio has 3 totems, the scorpion, the lizard, and the phoenix.  The scorpion level of course is the dangerous level to be operating on, while the lizard hides from life and never accomplishes full potential.  The phoenix is the most caring side of the Scorpio.  Due to my birth date, I lean more towards the phoenix and I also have a mixture with the Sagittarius sign because of my date of birth.  Which is supposed to make my character more sensitive.  I don’t follow horoscopes or really dig deep into the Zodiac signs, though I have found that many traits listed for the Scorpio do fit me well.  Here is a fun list I clipped from a magazine years ago and kept:

Scorpio      {October 24th to November 22}

moody  sensitive   jealous   violate  obstinate    quick tempered   caring   secretive   passionate    loyal    and   TOTALLY HYPNOTIC        

I think at 21 years old, the ‘totally hypnotic’ part stuck with me more than the rest.  To be honest, before seeing this or paying much attention to the signs, I have to admit that for the most part yes, I’m moody, sensitive, caring, loyal, but can be quick tempered, jealous, stubborn  and with that I am passionate about life and love.  The hypnotic part, not so much.  This is just something fun to share.


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  1. I love Vivian Leigh! More for Blanche than anything.

  2. I loved Gone With the Wind too. Unfortunately, Vivian Leigh had a less than happy life, tragic story really. 😦

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