Four Letter Word

caught between a lady and someone who lacks

sophistication, motivation, still a sense of class
different from the others, she refused to blend
she wasn’t even aware she was starting a trend
we all loved listening to her twisted views on life
four letter words are seldom heard with such dignity and bite
laughter danced in her eyes as she spoke with pride
about hard times she’d seen with no one at her side
said love was the cruelest four letter word she knew
made me want to protect her from being torn, confused
easy to understand why she stood by her convictions, saying
“love makes a hell of a fairy tale and she could dig fiction”
after all the years i had known her, i would never share
the way she made me want to prove to her someone cared
watching her pour another shot of tequila, the answer clear
if i had the chance to love her the illusion would disappear

@ donetta sifford 5-22-2013
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