You Belong With Me

Jen Kehl

Ah so we’ve all had that guy/girl play us and we know it in our hearts or maybe some of us are disillusioned and believe this person returns our feelings.  Some of us listen to heart break songs, some to your songs, and some of us listen to things to get us feeling our groove back.  I always love sad songs but then sometimes there are just songs that scream out “hey loser, you should be with me. see what you’re missing!!”  here are 5 of my Top ‘you belong with me’ songs: enjoy.

1. ~to the left, to the left~  every female loves to sing at the top of their lungs that they can find another ‘him’ in a minute, so don’t get to thinking you’re irreplaceable.  (even if you were the one replaced, still feels good to sing it)

2.  This is a favorite of mine.  Wouldn’t we all love to say this to the one who has done us wrong?  ‘Baby, I said I was sorry, but what I really meant to say’.  A song with a twist.

3.  To me girl or guy, there is nothing like hearing Waylon Jennings low growl as he starts off ‘well I hope’ and then from there the song is just perfect to listen to and think over and over about the one that belongs with you.  Since they can’t see how much they belong with you, you’ll have sweet mental revenge as bad things unfold in their new love life.

4.  Miranda Lambert has a lot of ‘men suck songs’.  I guess if there were any to sing to someone who should have stayed with you, if this doesn’t win them back, it will scare them to death. 🙂

5.  I absolutely love Jamey Johnson’s old country sounding voice and to hear him singing about trashing her things, mowing down her flowers, it is wonderful.  Heartbroken and sad?  Catch their things on fire………….

So here are my Top 5 of You Belong With Me songs (or some of these may be more along the lines of ‘you’re crazy if ya get with me, crazier to dump me’) lol

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