6 Randoms of Me

The Prompts:

1.) A time you felt validated. (inspired by Adventures in Alyssaland)
2.) List six random facts about yourself.
3.) Talk about a trend you don’t care for.
4.) The last thing you lost.
5.) Pinterest Inspired! Share something you pinned and actually tried.

Time for a Mama’s Losin’ It Workshop!! 


# 2.   Random Facts About Me – May Be Very Random

1.  I can live off cereal and carnation instant breakfast.  I do, of course eat other things.  I have 2 girls and they have to have a balanced diet but before my 1st child, I loved carnation instant breakfast and cereal throughout the day.  Not for dieting purposes.  I partied a lot and lived alone so cooking wasn’t a priority.

2.  I am 36 years old and hate the dark.  I sleep with a night light on still. My worst fear is being blind.  The reason is I have had the same type of nightmares since I can remember.  They change a little or people have changed roles in them since I have gotten older, but they stay around the same topic and still pretty much around the same people.  Sigmund Freud would have had a field day on this type of dreaming.

3.  I used to sell Beauty Control products and make-up in 2003.  I had to attend a class about using the products and the correct ways to apply make-up.  Even after I stopped selling the products,  I kept up with tips on make-up and applying it, tried out a lot of different products until I finally would definitely say I do a wonderful job with applying make-up and keeping it natural yet trendy.  I am one of those people that believe women are gorgeous, but anyone can look better with the right amount and shades of make-up applied.

4.  I dislike whatnots very much.  I understand a lot of people collect them.  Some have sentimental value.  My home has a few very unique items placed on a dresser.  Example:  My bedroom dresser has two photos of each of my girls, a small wooden jewelry box my friend of 22 years carved for me, and a small bottle of sand from the beach my god-daughter bought me.  That’s all.  I collect candles but not to the extreme they are placed together or all around my home.  Maybe not so much a collection as 5 candles that I purchased that compliment one another.  My grandmother whom raised me didn’t have many whatnots placed around.  Growing up she had a photo and a plant on a table.  My mother when I visited had things on all her shelves.  She collected cows and to me they were tacky, plus more to have to move and dust around, serving no purpose.  lol

5.  I also dislike taking a bath.  HOLD ON – I SHOWER.  I just dislike a tub of water and a bath.  Even all the women that say nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath with soaking aroma salts and candles lit dimly everywhere, soft music in the background.  This is a picture in my mind painted beautifully that I wish I did weekly.  Soak in a hot bath, softly scrub with a sponge soaped up with lavender, just relaxing, easy listening music, and then step out in a bath robe with a matching towel around my hair and fuzzy slippers.  However, the picture in my mind and reality is different.  I never feel rinsed.  One of the problems I believe is because I grew up in a small town with my grandparents whom were poor as most around here and we actually didn’t have indoor plumbing when I was very small, and even after indoor plumbing, for the longest time there was no shower.  Just the bathtub.  Also, my grandparents had made it through the depression, could live off a wood stove and water, and up until the indoor plumbing had well water.  Once hooked to county water, not to mention my granny saved anything she could, they didn’t want to waste water.  Several times my cousin and I would flip a coin to see who took a bath first, then the next one had to use the same water.  Once a shower was installed, I was done with baths for good.  Though doesn’t the lady in the image look so peaceful?


6.  My name is definitely unusual and that’s good.  My grandmother’s middle name was Donald and her sister’s name was Etta.  So upon my birth, my mother wanted to name Jennifer Rose (from Jennifer Rose Horton playing on Days of our Lives).  This didn’t fly with my grandmother, thank goodness.  So combining her middle name and her sisters, I left the hospital named  Don-etta.  By the time I started school, my name was pronounced different, though I’m unsure why.  It was pronounce and still is, except for a few older folk in my small town that insist on calling me my proper birth name, Duh-etta.  So Don-etta became pronounced Duh-netta and it’s fitting I suppose.


These are just 6 random facts that popped into my head.  Some odd maybe, some interesting, some maybe insane.  I don’t mind sharing the insanity though for Mama Kat.  at http://www.mamakatslosinit.com/2013/05/me-and-my-man/

Mama's Losin' It


5 responses

  1. I wondered about the origin of your name, it’s quite unusual and very nice!

    1. Thank you very much!!

  2. Wasn’t Single Food GREAT? I ate a lot of dry cereal then. And popcorn. And if something like corn sounded good, then I made myself corn and ate it. No entree. No bread. Then you get married and have kids and have to set a good example. Sigh.

  3. 1. I definitely ate better before I had kids. Now I seem to live on apple slices during the day and chocolate ice cream when they’re in bed 😉
    2. Wow, your recurring dreams sound interesting! I’ve had a few, but still have new ones. I suffer from insomnia, though, so dreaming means sleeping and that’s good news for me! I’m the opposite of you, though, I have to sleep in total darkness and use an eyeshade to block it all out.
    3. I’ve never worn makeup, I can’t stand it. And I’m too lazy to do it. And I have no idea how to put it on. Good thing I’m a “natural beauty” 😉
    4. I have no idea what a whatnot is…is it like a knickknack? Well, I’m with you on that one. Growing up our house had victorian decor, so lots of (pretty) junk sitting everywhere. I liked it then. Now that I’m older and have kids and everything’s a mess knickknacks just look like clutter. I’ve gotten rid of nearly all of it.
    5. Lucky you that you get to shower! It’s a rare occasion that my children let me 😉 Growing up we had both a bath and shower but I always took baths. I think it’s because I really don’t like being wet and didn’t like the idea of the water pouring over me. Once I became an adult it was showers all the way. I do still find baths (not for cleaning purposes) relaxing. I never get one, though, I grew up with a giant cast iron bathtub and our small filthy one filled with rubber ducks just isn’t the same 😦
    6. I love your unique name! This is coming from a Jennifer from the 80s. We were all named Jennifer…and Heather. I made sure not to give my daughter a trendy name!

    Loved your list! Stopping by from Mama Kat’s 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! I know a lot of Heathers and have several friend named Jennifer. Ah, my children have finally reached the age where my almost 11 year old takes showers now and my 7 year old will play occasionally with her pretty ponies in the tub, but the days of not being able to step in the shower for the toys over flowing the tub have passed. Oh, yeah ‘whatnots’ are ‘knickknacks’. I think that is the word I was looking for and it wouldn’t come to mind. lol.

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