All Gave Some

Jenny Matlock

The prompt this week:   ‘All gave some.   Some gave all.”

Number of words:  106 total (including the six words of the prompt)

Style of writing: Any 

Additional Pictures: Any 

“All gave some.  Some gave all.”
Hear it playing in my mind, these words in a beautiful song.
It wasn’t his ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ with that silly dance we all knew.
This was heart felt, the words and meanings so clear.
Freedom isn’t free and some pay their life for liberty.
Every country has it problems they say, America isn’t lacking.
There’s so much going on, controversy, makes everyone feel tension.
Fact remains our brave men and women from years past to now.
As Billy Ray sings on, they stand guard protected our rights.94
Our rights to vote, right not to care, to protest for love.

@ donetta sifford 5-26-2013


3 responses

  1. Wow. This was quite thought provoking.

    I really liked what you did with this prompt.

    Thank you for linking.

  2. Good sentiments on this Memorial Day.

  3. A very fitting post for our Memorial Day weekend, nicely done.

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