Turn ‘Em Up

Jen Kehl

Groove is in the Heart ~ one of my favorite songs to sing and dance to. this is one of them songs, if you are stuck in a traffic jam beside me, you will hear Dee Lite with her groovy voice and my voice….. not so groovy. 🙂
Steve Miller Band – The Joker ~  This song holds memories for me.  And it’s one of those songs, after a late night of partying, even a tad hung over, it’s a good song to hear while driving home to climb into your own bed.  


Run To You ~ There is something about the way this song starts out, the beat, the lyrics, his voice………. makes me want to turn the volume up loud and go over the speed limit.  Just a cool sounding song and Bryan Adams has an alright voice.


Divinyls – Touch Myself ~  This song was pretty risky when it first came out.  Not many people were being so open about things like that other than Madonna.  Definitely the era when I thought (and still do) that Chris Issak’s video for Wicked Games was/is the sexiest video ever.  Let the song come on and anyone near is going to hear me singing “when i think about you i touch myself”


David Essex – Rock On ~ I cannot help but love this song.  The public pool that was open when I was growing up played all these songs over a loud stereo so everyone swimming or walking in the park past the pool could hear them.  This was always one of those songs worth getting out and laying on my towel for, getting away from the splashing water, just to hear him sing ‘Hey kids, rock and roll.’  Even now my oldest daughter rolls her eyes if it comes on and I turn it up.  Though I know she secretly likes the beat too, even if she is foggy on who James Dean is. (I’m trying to teach her culture, but she is getting ready to go into middle school and at the age where Mackelmore singing ‘Thrift Store’ is the coolest. )


So here is my list of 5 songs that popped into my mind that I love to jam out to and sing wide open.  Especially in the summer.  Winter has it’s time for songs.  These songs are always great but they are just the best in the summertime!!!  So link up to Twisted MixTape Tuesday and tell us what you love to play loud and sing to.  It’s a Blog Hop ‘Turn it up’…………


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  1. So glad you hopped on board! I had Groove is in the heart on my long list, I don't even know why it didn't make the short list! Great mix!! Thank you for playing. Come back Tuesday for some 60's fun!

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