A June Night

Jenny Matlock

if a june night could talk 
then the soft warm darkness
would whisper sweet nothings
telling of lovers rekindling 
romance on a ride through mountains
going places on a four-wheeler 
where only the stars and moon 
can see them cradling their love
love fragile, handling with care
if a june night could talk
tender laughter would be told 
overlooking the ridges to the river
where they had just been that day
then later after the carefree trip
talking to friends for awhile, smiling
it would speak of her curls gently
tickling his skin as they lay in bed
only the june night knows of love made

@ donetta sifford 6-2-2013



5 responses

  1. that was beautiful.
    thank you

  2. Wow.


    I really, really liked your take on this!

    What a lovely and romantic use of this prompt!

  3. Oh I know those June nights really have lots to share! Very nice.

  4. We had the same idea for this. Great take on the prompt!

  5. This was great! Very romantic take on this prompt.

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