Different World

Waking, Walking, Singing, in the Next Dimension? 1979 by Morris Graves 

awakened, aroused from the beginning

a simple phone call turned complex
hearing your inflection, a sexy harmony
suddenly aware a small attraction 
had began to cause butterflies to dance
leading to talking more though i babbled
my life an open book, arms spread i walk

walking  toward you felt so safe, for me
that state of mind is hard to find, to keep
i carved a life where i could count on myself
to travel to the places you took me, had trust
you let me keep coming, a moth to the light
i didn’t mind which paths we took, i had you
though i was hesitant, i believed you were real

the music you played and sang to me
pure love song was what you promised
all the while playing with my emotions
had me apologizing for who i always was
singing from the same page, it still remained
bad times hit so hard, the good times though
the moments when we moved together perfectly
made every bad moment worth it to me
i loved you

now i’m in a different world, where i know love
but love does not know me, you don’t know me
i somehow thought you should, it’s a shame
you taught me to be vicious like you, then left
left me here to try to fill the void of living 
without you in my life, tell me how to be cold

@ donetta sifford 6-3-2013



5 responses

  1. Bittersweet…I like that you saw a phone here…

  2. So sad when what you thought would be real turns into a whole different world.

  3. Highly impressive and quite compelling…

  4. Love the way your poem moved, morphed.

  5. This encompasses so much, so many emotions I really hate when love turns out this way

    Beautifully done =)

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