Part Of Him Loved Her

he wanted to love her, at least sometimes
unhealthy was an understatement for their relationship
 he had warned her about his quick-temper
her perverse personality seemed to provoke him
harsher words were spoken each time
she swore he’d taught her to be more vicious
he blamed her but deep down knew
he’d turned to writing songs his whole life
poetic words said to her, some he meant
she held it inside until an argument
he knew she could smell most lines
he wanted to hate her, at least part of him did
somehow they’d see each other 
he could kiss her and the look she gave him
sleepy eyes of longing for more was erotic
no woman had ask him to strangle her
especially not during intimacy
she begged him to, placing her tiny hand over his
 tightening his grip around her throat
 her sounds quieting, verge of blacking out 
he couldn’t deny loving she was a freak with him
 willingness to try anything with him was exciting
often afterward  found himself wondering
had any man ever touched her with gentle caresses
  such a touchy subject with her at times
last time he held her, he’d seen her surprise
as he ignored her pleading, imploring moans
taking his time, kissing all of her, slowly
 feeling her body tense slightly, as if unsure
this petite, sensual creature looking innocent
afterward he caught the glistening of tears
1,000 times he’d made her cry over the phone
 he knew she wouldn’t in front of him
later she swore it was a reaction
 her eyes had filled up with happiness
 told him how safe, how loved he made her feel
hearing in her voice the truth
 part of him wanted to show her
she was secure in his arms, protected
another part of him needed her
 hurting, aching with loneliness
while she demands to understand

@ donetta sifford 6-4-2013

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8 responses

  1. I had to reread this and it is intense plus daring. Good job.

  2. Ya got the freak on with this. Good job.

  3. This is chock full of vivid emotions. Great job!

  4. I wonder if he tries to justify his actions through the thought “that's how she likes it”, or if she does ask him to react in a way she feels she deserves. Complicated and, yes, very intense.

  5. This was so intense, it was almost scary! I thought for sure he was going to kill her.

  6. I like how this signaled a shift in their relationship:

    often afterward found himself wondering
    had any man ever touched her with gentle caresses

    And the ending – the hint of role reversal was unexpected. Nice job!

  7. Now that's an intense relationship. Thanks for linking up!

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