10 First Noticeable Things

Wow. My own list is a bit harder than I thought.  Here we go though:


1.  I notice someone’s hair usually first.  

I have grown up with naturally curly/frizzy hair and until after high school, I always wished it was straight.  Also, since I was young and seen the movie Red Sonja,  I love women’s hair red.  My hair was red when I was born and then turned darker around 4 years old.  I still have red tints but in high school I tortured my hair with red dye until it felt like straw, not to mention the straightener didn’t help.  Now I have learned to love my curls.       As for men,  they can seem to get their hair cut the same way forever and it’s cool.  Men can ease into grey hair looking distinguished,  like George Clooney.

2.  Clothes.  

I am not huge on trends.  Everyone has a style.  I tend to notice if their clothes are appropriate, wrinkled, fits them well. An example would be last Thursday, my oldest daughter graduated 5th grade.  This wasn’t a formal event.  They didn’t have caps and gowns.  My best friend, my god-daughter, and I showed up in simple dresses.  Nothing fancy, but this was a huge deal for all the children.  We all have sweatpants days.  I did notice that some of the parents looked like they just rolled out of bed, barely getting to a brush.        Once again, men can be more relaxed on this subject.  Not so much with sweatpants.  But if they wear jeans or khaki pants, either way, as  long as they look nice, it is okay.

3.  Smile

I notice if someone is smiling and friendly.  Along with that comes their teeth and such.  Not everyone can afford dental work when needed, but if it’s someone who needs dental care and they have say a huge wad of tobacco in their jaw, it’s a turn off.

4.  Eyes

I notice eye color and if their smile reaches their eyes.  Some people smile with their eyes and I love that.


5.  Sense of humor is huge with me.

I have a weird sense of humor that not even some of my friends understand.  If someone is funny and makes me laugh, hell, I may overlook the wad of tobacco.  lol

6.  Height.

This is just natural to notice if I’m having to look up at someone or if they are a natural height.  My best friend is 4’11.  My oldest daughter is now her height.  My boyfriend is 6’3.  So, his height gets noticed.  I’m an average 4’5 and 1/2.  (Funny how women always add the extra half)

7.  Personality, good or bad?

It doesn’t take long to notice if someone is a genuine good person or if someone is arrogant and annoying.  I like a good personality that isn’t fake but isn’t mean and hard to deal with.

8.  Fingernails.

I always notice if women have their nails done.  Not that I keep mine fixed.  I go through stages where I will have the fake nails put on…. or now the gel nails.  Then when it comes to my own natural nails, I keep them trimmed pretty short, sometimes painted.  I notice on men and women if their fingernails are dirty.  I am forever cleaning my 7 year old’s nails and trimming them up.

9.  Laughter.

Some people have a laugh that is contagious!  Although it is awesome to have a great sense of humor, I can’t help but notice if someone has a weird laugh or snorts when they laugh.  If it’s a likable person, I can deal with the most annoying laughs.

10.  Confidence. 

When I meet anyone for the first time,  I notice if they seem relaxed or nervous.  Do they have confidence in themselves.  I like to be around people who are comfortable in their surroundings and enjoy meeting people.


So, there is a list that was hard to write.  I think we all notice these things when meeting someone.  Thank you  Stasha, for using my list!!    http://www.northwestmommy.com/2013/monday-listicles-101




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  1. Our lists ARE pretty similar! I’m pretty sure you meant 5’5″ and 1/2, though, not 4! 🙂 My husband always says he’s 5’12” and a half – it always gets that double take! And one of my friends came to my father’s funeral in a sweater that looked like it had been balled up and stuffed under a mattress for a few months. I couldn’t believe he wore something so wrinkled to a memorial service! Great list. 🙂

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