Love Has No Logic

Your realistic opinions 
have you adding to the list in your mind
all the reasons we shouldn’t be together.
I’m not Alice.
This tiny spot on the map
is no Wonderland
though I feel mad, 
more insane than the Mad Hatter.
When snow falls in May, 
a tornado rips through our mountains,
when the robin red breast sings
the blues in November.
Strange happenings.
Everyone feels these things are wrong.
Mother Nature’s a lunatic too.
feeling like a day in July,
am I the only one that doesn’t question why?
Some things cannot be explained.
Love can never be defined, labeled. 
Toss your logic to the gods.
Let go of your thesis and assumptions.
All your romantic ideas on happiness.
In a nowhere town, with a theater,
a rose bloomed in January
while sharing popcorn and napkins.

@ donetta sifford 6-9-2013

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