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Actress - Nataliorion

Actress – Nataliorion



Hollow sounds of echoing as her heels met the cobblestone.

Rain slowing to a mist, she stared at the heavy fog ahead.

Trying to keep the tears from stinging her eyes

though unsure why she cried tonight, when she’d walked this walk 1,000 times before.

Her sinking heart seemed to beat out the words that she knew why.

Ah, but whoever said life was fair?  She wasn’t dumb.  Her looks were better than most.

Figure that hadn’t changed at all since she was only a girl, long blond curls and upturned nose.

He said she wasn’t an actress, but what she done was act, even for him.

She dreamed of the fairy tale wedding where all the socialites were buzzing about,

a party to die for, and her the blushing bride just being introduced to the town.

Her lack of self confidence must have shown through even this fog because men were cruel.

Fretting that she would be the one walking these slippery stones back to her bed in the night, while everyone slept.

Some man’s secret.  If he seen her the next day at an audition and gave her a small part, he assumed she should be


Letting her black dress drag through the puddles, she knew that truly it did not matter for the only man she had ever loved, he was unable to love her back.

She would retire for the day and think about all of this later.


@ donetta sifford 6-10-2013





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  1. I like the image of her dress dragging through the puddle. It’s a great symbol of how things aren’t going the way she wants them too. It’s a shame to have unrequited love. Hopefully she can convince him to take her! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write, Donettas! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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