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3.  The study may have been done in France but doesn’t France have the allure of sexiness in women and more sexually open instead of modest?   Or is it don’t shave under your arms……….. Either way win, win.    

So, the study was done that bras may actually cause sagging and the back pain relief is a myth.  Apparently, they have worked for years, 15 to be exact, on the study of wearing bras.  300 women participated and according to their conclusion, denying gravity to your breast has no benefits.  They said the study showed that by not wearing a bra, a woman’s muscles are forced to work, causing the nipple to raise 7 mm per year toward the shoulder.

Not read in this study, but another related topic on bras it discussed that most women never find the proper size bra to wear.   This caused more discomfort and because the bras aren’t made to the actual shape of our breast, it is causing damage to the breast tissues and muscles.

Personally speaking, I have  never actually had huge boobs.  The times I actually did grow was the two times of pregnancy and of course that doesn’t last and at one point in 2003 to 2004 due to a medication I was on, I gained a lot of weight.  Since birth of my youngest daughter in 2006,  my boobs have been the size they always were since high school.  That is obviously as large as my boobs will get and I’m okay with that.  I’m not sure about the study the had as to whether it’s healthier or not.  I can vouch for myself, I hate even the most comfortable bras.  I avoid wearing one if possible.  In fact, 90% of my summer clothing are either designed with the bra built in or made to not wear one at all.  This has been the case since it was decided I should wear a bra to school and with puberty, developing, the fact it was uncomfortable if the shape of the bra could be seen through clothing, I had fairly good reasons for ditching my bra as soon as I got home from school and summers.  Since I’m not sure about back pain caused from large breast, I cannot say whether a bra is necessary.  I do think women should go for comfort and not sexy.

I say to any woman, wear what makes you comfortable and if you are comfortable that’s all that matters.  Sagging is a fact of all of our body if we don’t exercise and frankly growing older is part of life.  I am 36 years old and and I have learned to accept my body as is.  I do adore those comfy, yet lacy sports type bras when I do have to wear one.  They aren’t confining, uncomfortable, and actually feel like I just put an extra thin shirt around my girls for the day.

I love these!!!!

I love these!!!!



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  1. Okay, I love the little purple cami-thing. Where do I find them? I have a couple that are similar, but they don’t have the spaghetti straps.

    1. I usually can find these at our local mall at Rue 21 or Body Central.

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