1969 Part 2 Can Ya Dig

Jen Kehl

I’m an up to date chic and here it is 1969, soon to be 1970. Music is changing.
My friend refuses to listen to anything but the 1950’s old country songs, which were great, but time to give her some culture lessons.  This rad song from this year’s record, The Rolling Stones singing ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’.  How true is that?

It’s my birthday, November 22nd and this song by Creedence Clearwater Revival just hit number 14 on the charts.  ‘Down on the Corner’.  It’s a nifty song about a made up band.  I just like to hear their voice singing this song.


I melt every time I hear this song by The Beatles singing ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.  


Cream singing ‘White Room’ is a wonderful song from 1968!!!  Maybe my pal can see how music is changing, man!!!

In 1967, The Doors had a great chart topper,  ‘Light My Fire’.  A catchy little tune we all could dig. 


So here is my song list ready to play for the 2nd part of 1969!! This is a blog hop done for:  http://jenkehl.com/music/twisted-mix-tape-tuesday-11/


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  1. So happy you play! Better late than never, but since I'm on vacation I hadn't finished the youtube playlist anyway! So now I get to add you too! Some awesome pics here. Gotta educate those peeps!

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