Sounds of Peace Found

following the inharmonious sound
led to an old woman playing there
just around a worn green fence
guitar lay across her black skirt
two wrinkled fingers picking strings
using a light bulb as her slide 
studying her, her melody transformed
people, traffic hustling by, loudly
couple stared, few dropped money
in a box sitting beside her feet
oblivious to it all, her eyes fixed 
on her instrument, story being told
never had a chance to ask her
but her music didn’t seem sad
perhaps she was thinking of a man
maybe better times she’d spent
i laid some cash in her container
as i walked away, felt like smiling
like to believe her thoughts were
about rough times she’d survived
when those cloudy times parted
her tune was about peace of mind

@ donetta sifford 6-17-2013

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