1970’s Part 1 – American Woman

Jen Kehl

It’s the sounds of the 1970’s (never mind I was born in 1976) because growing up with an aunt that loved music, and hearing her old records makes up for that minor detail.  A playlist for the ’70’s Part 1. 

This is my favorite song in the world for several reasons.  For one, my favorite cousin would sing it when I was small.  Then listen to the music with the lyrics, awesome.  It was also played at my cousin’s funeral in 2011, but that’s jumping ahead in time.  We’ll just say, this song was a hit in 1970 too when it was released.  CCR’s  ‘As Long As I See The Light/Put A Candle In The Window’ 

From working in a factory making toilet seats to having a huge hit such as ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’, 1971 seemed to be good to Bill Withers.  I know, I know, I know that I love to hear this song no matter what kind of mood I’m in.  


1974 had Harry Chapin singing ‘Cat’s In The Cradle’ and it has been covered over the years, ex: Ugly Kid Joe. There’s just something about hearing Harry Chapin sing it and so many people can relate it to their own fathers or how they raise their son.  


I think every woman could picture the man they want to sing this song to.  Linda Ronstadt’s hit in 1975 ‘You’re No Good’ was a great start to women singing that all of us scorned could find a man that made us that way. 


1975 also brought with it a great rock song from Bad Company ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’.  Not sure the guitar sounds and the fast beat have me wanting to ‘make love’ but it could definitely get the point across at any party. 


Hard to choose because the 70’s brought out so many good songs and it was the time when some R&B like Al Greene was hot.  Turn the station and hear Charlie Daniels singing ‘Uneasy Rider’.  Here are the 5 I decided to go with.  Go check out Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday and tell us what your playlist would be. http://jenkehl.com/music/twisted-mix-tape-tuesday-12/


13 responses

  1. Man I had a hard time narrowing my list of at least 20 down and CCR was for sure on my list just not on my list of 5.
    Cats in the Cradle still is amazing!

  2. The words to Cats in the Cradle are chilling… Wow!!!

    Love CCR, You're No Good is very nice. Great List, Slu

  3. Oh my, I hadn't even thought about Uneasy Rider in years. Listening and laughing now.

  4. Thank you Linda!! I'm into the 70's music so this was a hard list to make. Glad there is a part 2.

  5. That is awesome that Harry Chapin spoke at you sister's college graduation!! That is over the top cool!! Glad I done good. lol. The 70's rocked! I almost listed 'Rock On'

  6. And I'm leaving here with “Feel Like Makin' Love” stuck in my head. Thanks. 🙂

  7. Man, I had completely forgotten about that CCR song, I just listened the whole way through…thanks for reminding me, and Harry Chapin – he was a staple in my house. He spoke at my older sister's college graduation just before he died. His memory is often honored in our family. That video is awesome, his son is like his twin! I have a list topic coming up – you suck/I suck – I think Linda's got that one down! Oh and Bad Company…where would we be?

  8. OMG! Ain't No Sunshine is one of my favorite songs! I love to sing that song and for whatever reason I always play that song when I am running in the rain! I know…I clearly need therapy! HAHAHAHAAAA!

  9. Linda Ronstadt! one of the first to get me to focus on vocals as an instrument. Being a guy in the 70s I was totally focused in the guitar, of course. But the artistry and whatever it is that she does with a song… ('When Will I be Loved'…excellent).

  10. omg – Harry Chapin!!! How could I forget him? I loved “Taxi”. “Cats In the Cradle” kills me. My son knows how to use it, believe me. 😉

    And Linda…she was another of my big musical influences and this song is my all time favorite of her songs. Great, great choice!! I'm going to have to steal that one for next week. Fantastic list!

  11. Bad Company got shut out of my list this week, but might get in next week. Paul Rogers was so freakin sexy. damn. Good list.

  12. That is a great memory. I do believe most guys were jerks in high school. lol.

  13. I can so clearly remember the first time I heard “Feel like makin' love” – it was at a party and I was there with a huge crush from work who had a girlfriend. He started singing it to me (it was on the radio) and I was like “um is he serious? is he flirting? OMG!” He did end up breaking up with the girlfriend and we got together later. Fate. Until he was a jerk. It was high school so maybe they were all jerks then.

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