Prove To My Heart

sleepless nights waiting for a call
did you even consider me at all
was your life just too busy for me
trying to get my heart over you
memories make my brown eyes blue
then your number shows up on the phone
you’re wondering why i hesitate
i’m wondering why you called so late
am i the only place you’ve left to go
give me a moment, my mind is processing 
how could you leave me here stressing
a week and i hadn’t heard a word
guess you knew i’d answer tonight
tell me how you can make us right
i begged you not to walk out on me
after all the talks, laughter, and tears
making love, sharing my fears
trying so hard to think this out
when i feel inside so much doubt
i’ll always wonder when you’ll leave
need you so bad my soul was aching
crying because my heart keeps breaking
actions scream louder than your words
prove to me i can trust you not to bail

@ donetta sifford 6-19-2013


3 responses

  1. Good way to put it. The truth is difficult to process when one tries to work out broken or damaged relationships. It is harder for the heart than the head to process during those kinds.

  2. Such heartfelt words Donetta.

  3. I just started following you here.

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