Crawling King Snake

Stanley Kubrick for Look Magazine, 1949 

She was lighting his fag when I came in.

John Lee Hooker was playing in the background.
Tried to focus my attention on my date.
After all, I was a gentlemen, perhaps that’s why
she was pandering to him while I stood on the side.
We had all heard of his reputation, he was too cool
to court her the way a lady that fine should be romanced.
Seen Mickey sitting on the waxed flooring, looking up
at Mary like she was the only girl in the world. 
I shamefully can’t remember my date’s name but
I recall the way Peggy’s sweater hugged her body and
the confidence she pretended to have, while she 
stood there in front of Jimmy.  His hands in his 
pocket appeared to me as if he was scared himself.
Afraid if his hands were free, he would wrap them
around her thin waist and he knew she would say yes.

@ donetta sifford 6-23-2013


10 responses

  1. Great job on this. I could feel the tension!


  2. WoW! Captured beautifully!

  3. Love the vibe of this, wonderful Donetta!

  4. You painted a great scene with words ….

  5. You had me at John Lee Hooker…boom!

  6. Don't worry. The good guy always wins.

  7. hand in pockets? Too nonchalant for words…

  8. You've capture it all – well done.

  9. Sharp and ingenious – well done.

  10. i see it all…great stuff!! x

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