See Some Trees


The Sunday Whirl





Always heard the saying ‘standing too close to the forest to see the trees’

Like a child in class, tried to clean up my mess, thinking no one would see

Knew you deserved answers, and all I could give you would be a lie

Left a note beside your still body, let you sleep on through the night

Headed toward the railroad tracks, for a deal with the devil once more

There was no turning back with the files of my past running like a slideshow

Sit there on the hood of the car when I ran out of gas, fixed a line to get me by

Thumbed a ride to this grungy motel, on the edge of telling the world goodbye

Everything had gotten too complex, there was nowhere left to run, I hadn’t been

Staring at the pale moonlight, nodding in and out of restless nightmares

On a moments thought, grabbed the dirty phone book, don’t remember talking

Must have been someone Higher watching over me because here I am

Writing this letter from a room in the detox unit of a local hospital in town

Nurse said the cops busted in my room, almost found me DOA, what can I say

Had time to rethink, think I see those trees, and a trail that will lead me home.

@ donetta sifford 6-25-2013

Written for a newly discovered writing prompt, at least for me, and so glad I found:








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