Night Moves 70’s Part 2

Jen Kehl

Here we are still in the groovy 70’s and yeah, the music keeps getting groovier by the year.  What’s really groovy is the fact that I was born in 1976.  I’m back in time, maybe a little funny smoke brought me here or  my cool friend Jen. Either way, the music is happening and on Part 2 of the 70’s we’ll cover some new songs everyone loves, before the 80’s and Big Hair Bands.  

What can be cooler than that?  Probably the fact that after my birth on November 22nd, 1976 (sometimes falling on Thanksgiving Day, as in 2012) but I don’t know that yet………. I’m still rockin’ in the cradle and listening to The Eagles release in December 1976 of Hotel California.  ~Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes Benz. She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends~
1977 brought us Foreigner singing ‘Cold As Ice’  which is a good song to turn up and sing out of tune about your estranged lover and how they’ll pay the price……….. you know.

Sting wrote this next song that was released in 1978 by the band The Police called ‘Roxanne’.  We don’t realize it yet as we’re all crooning out the lyrics ‘I know my mind is made up, so put away your make-up’, that this song will be inducted into The Grammy Hall of Fame in 2008.

It’s 1979 and a new era of music is about to take over.  We can already feel the change as we listen to The Charlie Daniel’s Band smoking on the fiddle and playing it hot.  ‘When The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ Charlie got to tell him ‘I done told you once you s.o.b. I’m the best that’s ever been’

While some folks were digging the fiddle and preparing for a movie they don’t know about yet that will come out in 1980, though they sure know the star, John Travolta; meanwhile some rebellious people are screaming their lungs out to ‘Highway To Hell’ by a band called AC/DC.

There ya have it.  The second half of my favorites from the 70’s.  Since I can only put 5, I had to leave out Fleetwood Mac explaining how you will never break The Chain, or Bob Segar working on some Night Moves. Hard to choose.   This is a blog hop, can ya dig?   


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  1. Love this list! Thanks for playing, I am so happy that you play even if it's a little late. I'll share your list all over so you get some “air time”. These songs are perfect, did you see the video of my son singing Devil Went Down to Georgia? It's obviously on the playlist at our house! He is currently working on Hotel California, so you've got our vote! Thanks!

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