10 Signs of Summer



This happens to be interesting.   I am participating in Yeah Write 31 Days to Build A  Better Blog and the topic is lists.  I am a regular for Monday Listicles.  Worked out great I believe.  Here are my Top 10 ‘Summer is Here in Southwestern Virginia’ list:

1.  Flip flops begin to match every outfit.

2.  Lounge chairs are positioned on the river bank for tanning, fishing, and laying in the sun to warm up after swimming in the not so warm water.

3.  Girls are out of school everyday and my alarm clock only gets set if there is a HAVE TO place to go; ex: doctor, dentist

4.  Coolers are packed with snacks, soda, wine coolers, and juices crammed in ice.  Ready to take to the lake for the day or a day on the river. 

5.  All the pools are open and packed full of people, especially children.  Lifeguards are on deck.

6.  Fairs come to town with fireworks at night and rides that make you wish you hadn’t ordered that extra funnel cake.

7.  Songs play louder in all vehicles.

8.  Smells of sunscreen, tanning oil, chlorine, and rain fill the days.

9.  Fans blowing instead of the air conditioner help me sleep.

10.  Fire flies, crickets, and warm wind blowing in the night is summer. 

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