Day 1. The World Is Round.




Since I already have a blog devoted to my poetry, or what I call poetry, I decided to set sail and journey through different styles and topics of the blogging world.  What I have picked up on this voyage is that this blog is devoted to whatever falls in my lap that isn’t poetry.  One day, you may stop by and read about my hometown, which was a prompt in fact.  The next day, if you stop in you can catch up on the top 10 qualities I notice about a person.  Come on back on the third day and you’ll be greeted with photos of my life, my children, my favorite quotes of all times, or something that bores you to sleep.  The one thing I can promise about this blog, Once Upon A Time, there was a girl from Virginia who dreamed of being a writer and found a way to do it online and reach a variety of people.  Now this small town girl is learning how much more fun there is in the world of Social Connection, and Virginia does not drop off Earth.  The world is round after all.


I’m a tad late in the game but plan on catching up quick.  Any good, sincere, creative critique is welcomed.  This is Day 1.  My Elevator Pitch for Yeah Write.


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  1. Hi! Visiting from the #31dbbb on Yeah Write.
    The part at the end starting with “Once Upon a Time” would be a great intro to your “About” page.

    1. Thank you. I may change that today. 🙂

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