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What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: FLIGHT


Spreading it’s wings, ready to take flight, perched an Eagle.  As the sun bounced off the tree tops, an amazing glow seemed to surround the tree where the Eagle stood.  I watched this brilliant creature as it proudly stuck it’s chest out. Before I could blink, the bird was soaring higher than the mountains.  I could feel it’s pride, long after it had vanished from my sight.


side note:  This is a correction to yesterday’s post where I mistook 5 sentences for 5 words.  Thank you all for pointing it out and hopefully this post is better.  


8 responses

  1. You captured that majestic sight perfectly! On the rare occasions I’ve been able to witness an eagle taking flight, I’ve always been completely awestruck by their magnificence.

  2. I love to watch eagles in flight, so majestic.

  3. Beautiful! It is breathtaking watching those magnificent birds. Isn’t it easier with five sentences ;-O

    1. LOL A lot easier.

  4. I soared with your eagle! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I could feel this, the inspiration and awe.

  6. Thank you so much. I enjoy this prompt.

  7. Well worth the wait! Your sentences struck something deep in me. I was that eagle, for a moment. I was proud.

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