31DBBB – 10 Post Ideas

I  really liked the idea of colored pencils and a blank piece of paper.  I done my mind mapping and the ideas kept flowing along without having to think much at all.  I love photography, so tomorrow, I will add a photo of my mind mapping that I done in the journal I carry around with me everywhere I go.  I always have it and a pen or two tucked safely away in a huge bag I call a purse.   For now, here are the 10 blog post ideas that sprung forth on my paper:

1.  My love for poetry.  A post with a favorite poem from a favorite poet, or a post that includes a favorite poem I have written.

2.  A post on my goals in the near future and how each part that ran from goals fits into my ideal life.

3.  I would like to write a post on how music inspires me, whether it’s the blues or bluegrass.

4.  A post idea I came up with is why I love to meditate.

5.  Number 4 lead to the idea of a post on why I prefer yoga to any other exercise.

6.  On the map I created, 4 and 5 led to the things that make me feel inner peace.  Another post idea.

7.  I also thought of writing a post on things that make me feel pretty and pampered inside and out.

8.  Somehow my mapping of ideas, led to the sky, moods, and how sometimes my moods are effected by weather, as I’m sure a lot of people’s are.

9.  The ‘sky’ line on my map of ideas reminded me of when I was younger.  My best friend and I would lay in the grass, staring up at the sky and clouds, and show each other shapes we seen.  This is something I still enjoy doing with my daughters.

10.  All of this mapping led me to want to write a post on enjoying the simple things in everyday life and how life can slip by so quickly.  

For now, that’s what I have as 10 post ideas.  They’ll probably form together more clearer and accurate as I begin the post.



3 responses

  1. Isn’t it interesting the path your mind follows when you let it roam free. I like the way you mention one thing leading to another.

  2. It’s a great list and it does get clearer once you start writing on your blog – I often start only with one word…

  3. This list makes me believe that spending a day with you would be incredibly relaxing and peaceful. These are lovely ideas. Visiting from 31dbbb.

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