80’s Part 2…..True Blue

Jen Kehl

So, it is time to give my 80’s part 2 list and then next week move on.  Which won’t be as bad for me as I originally thought.  I did start high school in 1990, so from then to 1994, should be an interesting playlist.  Then the next half of the 90’s, I spent married, divorced, and learning more of who I was as an ‘adult’ aka ‘legal to drink’.  For now, here is my last half of the awesome music in the 80’s!!!

I am a product of listening to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and my friends and I dancing and singing to Cyndi Laupher, whether we were old enough to ‘live our lives right’ or not. 

‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ was one of the sweetest songs ever to me back then.  I was madly in love with Bon Jovi too, then.  Not so much today.  But for the 80’s, he was hot!!!! 

This little tune by Hall and Oates for some reason stuck in my head, and the heads of a lot of friends.  ‘Maneater’ was just one of those songs we wanted to sing.  Not to mention my best friend’s dad hated this song for some reason…………… what better reason to sing it???

I still adore Prince singing ‘When Doves Cry’.  When this song comes on, I’m kinda like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, the bathtub scene, where she is singing ‘Kiss’ by Prince.  Except, different song, oh, and I’m so not Julia Roberts.  Though I have a gorgeous friend that kinda resembles her. Though we are in the 80’s,  I can foresee into the future that this song is covered by a man named Alex Clare and I can foresee that I love that version also. 🙂 

I have made it to number 5 already?  This song and video in my opinion, is on the list of Top 10 sexiest videos ever made.  Chris Isaak was hot, the girl in the video is hot, the song is hot………….. ‘Wicked Game’ came out and during a time I was figuring ‘the birds and the bees’ out and realizing I, too, could be hot.  Not as hot as this chic but I was figuring life out and it was an exciting time.  

I KNOW I CHEATED. BUT I NEVER CHEAT ON THESE.  I’m not being defensive and using caps……… okay, I was.  But it wouldn’t have been the 80’s for me if I didn’t add Madonna singing ‘True Blue’.  So there, I added a number 6 and the only thing I can say in my defense is:  The 80’s had some great music and it’s Madonna………..  

So this is a blog hop and here’s my list for Jen at My Skewed View


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  1. Just listened and really enjoyed… Like your stories too. My wife would LOVE your list!!!

    Have a great day, Slu

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