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 I spent the night and half of Tuesday at my daughters’ grandfather’s home in a little town called White Gate. He isn’t Amish, but found a house for sale in this beautiful community.   Wonderful get away with gorgeous views, and lack of any access to internet, cell phones, and any other technology.  So, I’m hitting on Day 9 of Yeah Write’s 31dbbb.   This would be the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.  

I have enjoyed trying to learn at a fast paced level ways to get my blog into shape.  I am thinking in my last post for Monday Listicles, I used the Link Post tool.  I done my list for Monday Listicles and included in my list was something used from another blog, The Sunday Whirl.  I linked back to it so readers could understand better what I was talking about.

For good measure and karma, I read a post from someone who had already linked up at YeahWrite, to make sure I was getting this whole ‘Link Post’ correct.  So, I found myself on Writing on the Pages of Life for Bloggers and Writers.  Which was very useful and informative.  Now, for good karma, and to make sure I am getting this done correctly, I, of course, linked back to Writing on the Pages of Life.  There were other wonderful tools to be found there, so I recommend anyone to check it out!!!  I’m glad I did. 

Hope this wasn’t too many link backs. It is a Link Post though, I hope.


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  1. Thanks for recommending my blog, and for the other great links in this post!

    1. You are very welcome!! Thank you for having such a wonderful blog!!

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