Words That Make Me Smile x 10

Here it is Tuesday/ or actually 1:21 a.m. where I am in Virginia………..so technically Wednesday.  I am catching up on my Monday Listicles and 10 Words That Make Me Smile.  This one is a bit harder for me I think.  I like a challenge though. 

1.  Oxygen –  yes, this word makes me smile and the reason is, I cannot pronounce it correctly unless I have someone say it, and then I repeat it slowly.  I don’t know why.  It’s just one of those weird words that my tongue gets twisted on and it comes out all wrong.  I find humor in it though.  

2.  Mama –  The reason I find this word so humorous is because both of my girls always called me ‘Mommy’ and for the most part still do.  My 7 year old recently has dropped the ‘me’ sound and when she says, “Love you Mama.”  it makes me smile.  I suppose just because I don’t hear it that much so it’s funny when I do.

3.  Opossum –  This has quite a story with it.  My oldest daughter recently graduated 5th grade.  While in class with a substitute teacher, of course, they had a poem to read.  Apparently, my daughter’s friends thought it would be funny for her to read the poem, and pronounce opossum (O-possum).  It comes time to read the poem and her friends announce she wants to read it aloud.  So, she does and pronounces the word with an ‘O’.  The substitute corrects her and in the next breath, my daughter pronounces it wrong again.  Her friends giggling and her being so apparent with her silliness caused the substitute great distress.  Normally, I do not encourage my daughter to be the class clown nor to act up in class.  Though it seems she is destined to be because even her telling me the story makes me laugh.  I did try to correct her for misbehaving, but I was at a disadvantage because it was funny.  If not for her A’s and B’s all year, this would have been an issue for sure. 

4.  Stogie/ Stogy –  This word makes me smile.  I know that in history, the word was supposed to come about by being named after the Conestoga Wagon since the drivers would roll tobacco into long thin ropes to smoke on long trips.  Then, it would be referred to later on as a thin cigar.  I believe I heard the word first on the Loony  Tunes Cartoon and if I’m not mistaken, Foghorn Leghorn was the first to say it.  

5.  Golly –  My grandmother didn’t cuss but on very rare occasions, and she most definitely never used  the Lord’s name in vain.  She was strictly and a strict Christian raising me.  So, as I got older to here her say ‘Golly’ instead of ‘God’ or any other way she fit the word into her sentence, ex:  Well, I’ll be Golly Darned……….. very funny.  I can hear her saying it now in my mind and I smile.

6. Spaghetti pronounced by my youngest as ‘Psghetti’ –  I have actually heard a lot of children do this but of course, being bias, it is adorably that my youngest has pronounced spaghetti with the ‘p’ first for as far back as I can remember.  Though at age 7, and with the help of her older sister making fun of her, she is correcting herself and pronouncing it correctly more often than not.

7.  Menstrual – I’m 36 and still don’t know why this word cracks me up as well as makes me feel uncomfortable.  I have had doctors, nurses at school, and mostly professional people ask me when ‘my last MENSTRUAL CYCLE’ was.  I also have friends that have asked me am I feeling ‘menstrual’ if I’m in a bad mood.  I have called this ‘my monthly visitor’, ‘surfing the crimson tide (thanks to the movie Clueless), and even not so pretty words.  Yet, for me to use this word cracks me up.  You should see the restraint I use in laughing when I speak to my 11 year old, since she is developing early.  

8.  Damnation –  There is nothing exactly funny about this word, but to hear someone say ‘damnation’ makes me smile.  It may be because ‘damnation’ in my area is followed by ‘Hell Far (fire) and damnation’.  Whatever the reason is, this word makes me smile.

9.  Wordle – I know this isn’t exactly a word.  However, I recently started participating on a blog called The Sunday Whirl and using a grouping of 12 words as a prompt for writing for Wordle.  It makes me smile in a nice way because I enjoy the blog very much.  

10. Asinine – When I was married, many moons ago, my ex father-n-law is the first person I heard use this word.  It cracked me up, for 1. It sounds almost like ‘ass’.  2.  The meaning of the word can mean the same thing as ‘dumb ass’.  I love using the word whenever I can fit it into a sentence, much to the stress of my friends, whom are tired of hearing me use it and I’m afraid think I’m being ‘asinine’ for using it so much. lol.   


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