Lovers to Nothing

Amatores to nothing, I’m torn.
Swollen eyes weeping for you,
seeking you out in my dreams.
Darkness falls, screaming out
your name, until my parched
throat refuses to allow a whimper
to come out, pass from my lips.

What can I say if you even bothered
to explain how you forsaken me?
Tell you again how your voice
haunts me even in daylight hours.
Over and over again, I hear you 
whisper my name, tell me you love me.

Adore me, wasn’t that the last thing
you told me before you vanished like
a ghost, leaving me chasing after a life.
A life we planned together, don’t I 
cross your mind, at all?  Have I no
pride to tell you I don’t want you 

Is that my answer from you, 
a year invested into something
I thought was real?  You knew
it didn’t matter what you did,
what you said, I would be waiting 
by my phone, wanting you still. 

@ donetta sifford 7-11-2013

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  1. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. I visited your blog and your poetry is absolutely breathtaking!!! Thank your for sharing. Please visit me often as well.

  2. wonderful and heart wrenching. I love poetry – brilliant job.

  3. Wonderful to read your poetry…

    Here is my post

    I too write poetry. Please do visit me here

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