Mr. Linky and Blog Hopping

I am honored that I was ask to be Co-Host on Feeling Beachie’s Friday Fill In Four Fun.   Which I just realized I somehow missed this past Friday, though I’m not sure why.  I can’t think of anything I was doing.  I plan to fix this immediately.

The point of this post is this:  I participate in a lot of blog hops and prompts.  If I have missed anyone lately, I apologize.  I may have to stick to just the ones I was doing at first so I’m not leaving people out.  I tried a blog hop on my other blog site, on blogger, My Constant Thoughts.   I actually only have a few loyal followers there that I adore having.  Two people were going to participate and had even linked up, and I somehow in the process of trying to ‘organize’ my linky tools and post, deleted the entire Blog Hop I had wanted to start.

First, I just have to say, Mr. Linky looks cool and so do blog hops.  Prompts are great too!!!  I love participating but then there is always a part of me wanting to host one myself.  I’m not sure of what.  Frankly, I’m at a loss.  I frequent terrific people’s blogs that have prompts weekly, some blogs daily, blog hops weekly, and so on.  What creative could I bring to the table??  Thinking along this line, I came up with an idea and I guess depending on how many people find it cool, I will  go from there.

COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED ON THIS ONE PLEASE.   Sorry I know etiquette for blogging says don’t yell at your readers.  I”m not yelling as much as having just a minor panic attack needing feed back.  I apologize for that outburst.

So, here is my brilliant idea, <sighs deeply> ,  I Spy —–. Blog Hop.    How many played or still plays with your children, even if it’s just on long road trips, ‘I Spy’.  Then you name a color and the other person has to guess what you spy.  Yeah, and I live in the mountains, so I’d always have those friends that would spy something ‘green’.  Come on now. Or the friends that would say no that isn’t what they spy, just to keep from losing.  LOL   I figured I could do a Blog Hop maybe every Monday, well because it’s Monday and not to take away at all from any other prompts/ blog hops going on during Mondays.  Anyway, I can pick a day and ‘spy’ a color or even an object, then instead of guessing what I ‘spied’, the reader writes about the first thing they see that color, or the first thing that resembles the object.  I do love world limits.  As you can tell, I can turn a post into a first babbling chapter of a nonsense novel.   So opinions from readers will make or break my I Spy idea.   Honesty is groovy…………….

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