A ~ Z Reading Challenge 2008 (23)

I found this and am very intrigued by this challenge. I love reading. This seems like a lot of fun. I noticed the challenges ended in 2008. Since, I have only been blogging since the end of 2012, I am just now finding this. I’m trying it as soon as I help my 7 year old get ready for bed. 🙂

Reading Challenges

A ~ Z Reading Challenge 2008


~ align the author’s last name or the title of a book (excluding “the”, “a”, etc.) with its corresponding letter in the alphabet
~ enter a different book for each author and title (total of 52 books)
~ complete the alphabet lists anyway that suits your fancy
(i.e.: complete each list separately in alphabetical order, read both “A” entries, then “B” entries, fit whatever you’re reading into either list, etc.)
~ complete the challenge in the year 2008

A-After the Fire by Belva Plain
B-Baby Proofing Your Marriage by Cockerell, O’Neil and Stone
C-Creed for the Third Millenium, A, Colleen McCullough
D-Double Take by Brenda Joyce
F-French Silk by Sandra Brown
G-Great rossing, Asterix and the, By Goscinny and Uderzo
H-Heart of Thunder by Johanna Lindsay
K-Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
L-Ladder of Years by Anne…

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