Friday Four Fill-In Fun 120


I am honored to be the Co-host on Feeling Beachie for her Four Fill-In Fun.  Everyone join in. Fill in the blanks and add your link to your blog post, then grab the code to spread the fun of blog hops!!!   Looking forward to reading everyone’s answers!!
The statements are:
  1. I never ___
  2. ____ is hard for me
  3. My favorite place is ____ to vacation in the ____because
  4. The best concert I’ve seen was ___in ____because__

My answers are:

    1.  I never pick up a penny with tails showing.

    2.  Preparing a manuscript is hard for me.

    3.  My favorite place is Pigeon Forge to vacation in the winter because they have so many Christmas events going on.

    4.  The best concert I’ve ever seen was Matchbox 20 in Knoxville because it was 1999 and they were fresh, young, and still awesome today. 

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5 responses

  1. I don’t pick up pennies with their tales up either – but then again, I usually dont bother with them heads up either…

    1. LoL. I’m so OCD, it would literally drive me insane to walk away from one turned on heads. My 7 year old is now picking them up too. She ask the other day, “Hey Mama, if I see a penny and it’s on tales, what if I flip it over on ‘heads’, then pick it up? Is it bad luck then?” After I was done laughing, I said, “Yes baby, if it’s already on tales, then you flipping it on heads is changing how you found it, right?……….. Well, baby, you pick up whatever penny you want to, which ever way you want to, because we make our own luck in life.” (I don’t want her being OCD like me or believing if she steps on a crack at school, my back broke.)

  2. Pick a penny, pick a penny!!!


    Here is my post

  3. The worst part of writing for me is figuring out when it is good enough for someone else to read.

  4. Your place sounds like fun! I love Christmas events.