Fair’s In Town

Jenny Matlock

The prompt this week:   Write 110 words about the picture above (ISN’T THAT TRICKY?  HA!)
Number of words:  No more than 110 total
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any 

Smells I savor of funnel cakes, cotton candy,
and crave a candy apple, with a soda.
Ringing in my ears the noise and haste,
of rides running, music playing, carnival
men yelling as I walk casually by, “First ball
free, if you knock ’em down, you’ll take home
this large teddy bear.”
Smiling, I move toward the foul odor 
of the barn, animals on display, in their own
cages, manure piles, waiting to be fed from
our cups. 
How do you like to go up in a swing? 
Me, I ride those first, letting them lift me
higher as they whirl me around, wind in my hair. 
Fair in town!

@ donetta sifford 7-13-2013



4 responses

  1. Donetta.


    You totally captured the essence of the fair as I remember it.

    I haven't been in so long! Perhaps I need to revisit it this year!

    This was lovely evocative writing.

  2. That's interesting. I would love to learn more about the differences of the two.

  3. That was a good description of an American fair our english ones are slightly different

  4. Oh goodness, perfect description of going to the fair, only bad thing, is once the fair comes to my town, summer is over!!!! Yikes, not yet, please!

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