A – Z Author’s Names

This post is actually due to a previous post from a few days ago, that I have wanted to try.  It was found as the A to Z book challenge.  I re-blogged the post so that everyone could see how it would work.  After looking at my books, this may be harder than what I first thought. I’m willing to at least give one part of the challenge a try.  So here goes:


A – Z  by Authors

Anne Tyler – Saint Maybe (which happens to be my favorite book also)

Barbara Delinsky –  The Woman Next Door

Christina Schwarz – Drowning Ruth (I am in the process of re-reading this one now)

Drusilla Cambell – Blood Orange

E. E. Cummings – Erotic Poems

Joy Fielding –   Whispers and Lies

Lisa Gardner – The Other Daughter

Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird

Iris Johanson – Bonnie

Janet Fitch – White Oleander

Stephen King –  Salem’s Lot

Lori L. Lake – Ricochet In Time

Michael Connelly – The Lincoln Lawyer

Nicholas Sparks – Dear John

Joyce Carol  Oates –  We Were the Mulvaneys

Peter Abraham – The Tutor

Julia Quinn – Splendid

R. L.  Stine – The Sitter

Sue Miller – While I Was Gone

Tom Perrotta – Little Children

Ellen Ullman – By Blood

Virginia Woolfe – Mrs. Dalloway

Stephen White – Blinded

Malcolm –  Autobiography of Malcolm X

William Butler Yeats – The Wind Among The Reeds

Richard Zacks – The Pirate Hunter


This is my first half with the A through Z list going by author’s names.  Tomorrow I will get around to listing books in A – Z order.  Actually, creating this list tonight, did help me get my books in alphabetical order.



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