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    So I was reading one of my favorite blogs, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog by Lance.  On here, he done a prompt for a blog called Stream of Consciousness.    The whole idea is to free write for 5 minutes and then stop.  I wanted to try this and haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.  I plan to link up next Sunday to this very interesting creative writing link.  Until then, I’m giving it a try for Yeah Write.  This is for Challenge #118, but since I have been participating in Yeah Write’s 31dbbb, I am proud of my link sharing. 🙂

Being bipolar can make a lot go through my mind in 5 minutes.  I guess the most recent thing going through my mind is the fact is 1:10 a.m. in the morning, and my 11 year old will not sleep.  I suffer from insomnia a great deal.  She doesn’t, so she will be more than grouchy later when the day begins.

She did have a wonderful birthday party Sunday evening and her Cookie Monster cake was a huge hit.  Tasted great, looked fantastic, and who doesn’t love Cookie Monster?  It’s hard to believe she turned 11 last Tuesday and definitely has a style and mind of her own.  I guess I have 1 minute left to just say, I am proud of both my children, proud that I know awesome friends that can make cakes, such as the Cookie Monster, and proud that in spite of her own mind and style, she has terrific ideas.  5 is up. So here is to Cookie Monster!

Madison's Cookie Monster Birthday Cake made by Vickie Slusher.

Madison’s Cookie Monster Birthday Cake made by Vickie Slusher.

side of cookie monster - happy 11th birthday madison

Happy 11th Birthday Madison

5 responses

  1. That’s an awesome cake. The cookies are a nice touch.

  2. What an adorable cake! Yep, I’d eat it…;)

  3. Happy belated birthday to Madison 🙂 This free write sounds interesting.

  4. Super 5 minute post!! Glad you joined us!

  5. Stream of consciousness writing…I’ve never done this and would like to try. I like where your stream took you 🙂

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