OH! Unbelievable 1990’s Part 1

Jen Kehl

1990 found me walking through the doors of high school as a freshman. I’m experiencing my first “real” love, first lots of things actually, and excited and scared at the same time.  Quickly, I made friends of all different ‘labels’ and joined the drama club and class, which would lead to me laying my pom poms down forever.  Now, since this was a huge time in my life, I’ll start with 1990-1994, my 4 years at Pulaski County High School……… graduating at age 17, cause my birthday falls in late November and I was cool like that:  

This was a time when Tiffany, Cyndi Laupher, and Debbie Gibson had found their way in the back of my closet.  Vanilla Ice was singing ‘Ice Ice Baby’ but then I was laughing at the song more than digging it.  I still loved Madonna and her song Vogue.  This was also the time of Bel Bi Devoe “That girl is Poison”. I was digging all of it, and though Faith No More released Epic in 1989, it received mad air play on MTV (back when MTV actually played music videos) and it cause a stir over the fish at the end, flopping around……….out of water……… so I loved it!!!

Now, Bryan Adams and Michael Bolton were pouring out love songs. Color Me Badd was singing ‘I want to sex you up’.  Naughty by Nature were down with O.P.P. and ‘I touch myself’ was a hit by DiVinyls.  While Vanilla Ice was ‘Playing some Funky Music’,  I was enjoying Prince and The New Power Generation throwing Gett Off at the end of the album Diamond and Pearls. Since I can’t find that video, next up is the Damn Yankees with High Enough.

Moving along, M.C. Hammer had went from ‘Can’t Touch This’ to just Hammer ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’, House of Pain was ‘Jumping Around, and Madonna was singing about her ‘Playground’.  I was more into Sophie B. Hawkins singing ‘Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover’.

Around my junior year, Areosmith was still strong as ever with ‘Living on the Edge’, Madonna is the shit, still hanging with ‘Rain’, Micheal Jackson is still preforming and even Prince has out ‘7’.  Def Leppard is hanging with ‘Two Steps Behind’ and then Whitney Houstin was booming out ‘I Have Nothing’.  Tony!Toni!Tone was out along with Kriss Kross but this year was my year for laying back, sipping on gin and juice with Dr. Dre  and Snoop Dogg blowing smoke rings around everyone with ‘Nuthin’ But A G’ Thang’.

I rarely ever cheat on the Mixed Tapes no matter how tempting it may be. The early 90’s music was defining my generation, so it’s hard to remember well but the next two songs seemed to be starting a theme for all of us graduating in 1994.  The first was Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers singing ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance’ and Beck singing ‘Loser’.  These last two will wrap it up for me for this week and sorry Jen, I had to sneak in a #6. 

AHHHHHH. This list was stressful. lol. So it’s a blog hop. What did the 90’s music do for you?


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  1. Yes, I did change it. I went to Shabby Blogs. I think I added their button to the side. She has all kinds of free backgrounds, headers, pages, and other pretty stuff. Creep and Loser. Maybe I should have summed the decade up better. Thanks for the great mixed tapes!!

  2. Did you change your blog? It looks great 🙂 I love your list, it's crazy how differently we all saw the 90's. The decade of Creep and Loser. Hmmm…..
    Damn Yankees, I forgot about them! Thank you!

  3. I was being silly. lol. There were so many songs I wanted to put on the list. It was stressful to chose 5. or 6. haha

  4. That would be cool to see them in concert. I didn't go to my first concert until i was 19. By then it was 1996. and it was Matchbox 20 in Knoxville Tn. before they were real big. Rob Thomas had just left the band 'Tabitha's Secret'

  5. Aww yeah! Faith No More – listening right now. I saw Damn Yankees in concert with Bad Company – my first concert ever – which wasn't until I was in college – I think it was 1991. Beck – yes! Great list!

  6. I almost did Loser too! Why was it so stressful?! It was an awesome list!!

  7. Ooh, Sophie B. Hawkins. I had forgotten about that one. Wonderful list!

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