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So, I’m catching up with Day 16 of Yeah Write’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (31dbbb).  I remember reading the piece mentioned on the page ‘America, You’re Being Weird’.  It was laid back and quite funny.   This learning session is to write an opinion post.  Am I an opinionated person?  Well, I am a woman, heck no! <trying the smile factor>. Don’t ask, I could do an entire post on when I text someone and insert things such as <rolling eyes>, <saddest face ever>…. just because text and typed out words don’t have the same effect of someone actually hearing me speak.

I had no idea what this post was going to be about and in the midst of the first paragraph, in all my babbling, I found it.  My opinion on new technology and text messages effect on communication.  <patting self on back>  This truly is something I have an opinion on.  Not an argumentative post or ‘in your face’ post.  Just some basic things I have observed and even though I may be guilty of these things time to time,  I dislike several things about communicating in the year 2013.

Some of my opinion may be due to the fact that I was born in 1976, and raised by grandparents.  This isn’t one of those pieces where “well now I know better” either.    The fact is at the age of 7, I don’t remember but maybe a few rare occasions where I was forced to talk to distant relatives on the phone, did I ever concern myself much with a telephone. Now, I did go through a stage through out being young where it was a huge deal to be able to answer the telephone for one of the grown-ups in the home, but no call was for me.  My 7 year old earlier tonight actually text her older sister’s phone from my phone.  She wanted to know if her older sister, 11, was coming home or going to stay with her bestie.

I don’t have a smartphone though my 11 year old does.  So, I have a Verizon Wireless slider.  That’s how I text, sliding it open so the keys are lined up exactly like on my computer keyboard.  I can T9 now, but this is a fairly new phone and I honestly can’t figure out how to save words this phone doesn’t know.  I know my children are learning on computers now at school.  Last year, in the 5th grade my oldest daughter was learning basic typing skills.  Which is a good thing.  Anyway, my 7 year old, once I got it to her sister’s name and ready to type the message, she was fine.  She typed a simple, “Are you staying the night?”  During this, I helped her find the ‘y’ key and she sounded out ‘staying’ before I could help.  Then I showed her how to send it, because with the phone slid open, she didn’t know how.  Was I proud of her spelling, and even keyboard knowledge?  Of course.  I told her how wonderful she done.  At the same time, I’m thinking to myself though, ‘she knows her sister’s number by memory, she could have dialed it and actually called, but she knew 2 things. 1. Her sister probably wouldn’t have answered.  2.  Text message is the new way to communicate.

Growing up, we had a rotary phone mounted to the wall with a cord.  No caller I.D.  We just took our chances.  No call waiting, if it was important they’d call back, or as my town has a population of 400 today, my friends would have walked to my house.  Besides, when  my granny was talking to her sister or her Avon lady, it had better be a 911 call if you interrupted her.  Which is another thing, I wasn’t allowed to interrupt her.  Ah, the children respect post may be another opinion post.  I have friends now that will text me 50 messages in a row but if I want to speed things up some and call, they don’t answer, as if they suddenly forgot how to speak.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like the ability of being able to text a person over something simple while doing something else that requires my attention.  However, I have friends that have a heart to heart through text.  Then I see them and once again, they either forgot how to have heart to heart conversations per speaking or they suddenly feel shy.  When only half an hour before they were pouring out their hearts.   I can see how this is beneficially to guys and a few women that don’t like sharing their deep feelings, so being behind a phone helps.

Honestly, I prefer to hear someone when having a deep discussion.  I have even had text arguments.  Then, my temper and ability to speak non-stop, I call the person, and of course, no answer.  This only infuriates me more to where my text are harsh about them not knowing how to talk or push the answer key.  Here is the main problem I have had.  I have a weird sense of humor.  Now, there are some things that require me to be serious.  I put on my big girl panties during these moments and play grown up.  Most of the time though, I am playing in things I say.  I love to laugh and to have a person make me laugh is one of the top qualities I like in a person.  After getting to know someone, or having known them my 36 years, I can catch whether or not they are serious by how they text it.  Then some people, if they didn’t add the famous ‘LOL’, I wouldn’t know.  I have had several people get mad at me over a text taken out of context, or think I’m being mean.

These are the times I literally don’t care if my pre-paid service runs out.  If they had heard my voice they would have known I was only playing when  I said they should be stoned in public for ever dating that one dude last month.  Also, I enjoy hearing a person’s voice.  For one, there are certain people who have a voice to die for.  I have one friend in particular who can be talking about skipping rocks and it sounds sexy.  I enjoy hearing other people laugh.  Laughter is contagious where as the ‘LMAO’ …………..not so much.  If someone is angry or just hurt, doesn’t feel good, or doesn’t want to talk at the moment, their voice better portrays that than a text.  I can answer a text without wanting to exactly have a conversation that day.  Also, when I hear someone’s voice, them telling me how crappy they feel that their new boss cut their schedule, and they are bummed out, I can get the hint that they need some alone time to toss darts at photos from the company party.  Where if it’s the same situation and a person text me a message that reads, “My boss is such a jerk. Cut my hrs back 2 nothing. Look, I’ll text you later.  My cat looks like he may die.”  Then I get offended, thinking they are just blowing me off.  The famous ‘K’ message can send me over the edge.

So, there is my opinion.  I think people have lost the ability to communicate well and then as I mentioned earlier, my 7 year old spelled so good.  I worry sometimes when my oldest daughter abbreviates so much in a text that her spelling skills are taking a hit.  Even with T9  and spell check, words get misspelled and I’m not a huge spelling cop, but I like when I have less red lines under my words telling me I can’t spell.  I remember when internet came out, I remember emails, and AOL Blogs.  I had one in 2001.  It seemed then silly to me to send an email to my friend that lived 5 houses down the road. Unless it was a business email about the Beauti-control products we were  selling then.  My best friend had been sent by the Air Force to Dover, Delaware and it seemed more reasonable to call her on the phone than email her.  We all used our blogs or emails and basic internet functions to share photos, things of that nature.  Now, it’s unheard of for me to call Indiana and speak to a friend when I see her on Facebook everyday, have her cell number to shoot a quick text, and chatting online.  Why in the world would I call her to hear her voice and make sure she is okay that her husband got stationed overseas?  Her Facebook said, “Tucking in little man and miss Jimmy.  Goodnight all. Cell’s no good.”  Obviously she is fine and her ‘cell’s no good’ so she doesn’t want to be bothered.  It would be rude of me to call her and ask her how she is doing and what her and little man do all day.

So there is my long winded opinion:  I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion on this.  Agree or disagree.  Just please if you are playing, add an LOL. 🙂             Link to Yeah Write to do today’s challenge.

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