Frozen Ring

Jenny Matlock

The prompt this week:  “I fell into a ring of fire…”
Number of words:  No more than 107 total (including the 7 words of the prompt)
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any 

Johnny Cash is playing                                                    

somewhere in the background
“I fell into a ring of fire.”
Would this be my description
of love out of control?
Don’t feel warm inside or
on the outside at all.
Know how that burning
desire can leave me cold.
Forgotten, frozen in limbo.
Can’t go back to how we were.
Don’t want to go on without you.
Just hanging here every day, alone.
Could go out, forget about you.
Mingle and find someone new.
Seems a waste of time now. 
Lonely fits my soul now and 
feels like home to me, safe.
Going through motions of living
and learning to let go.

@ donetta sifford 7-20-2013


2 responses

  1. I've found it best to keep my desire from burning. It only causes problems!

  2. This was good thank you good poem

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