Charm The Wild

Looking around the field
absorbing how graceful
each horse stood, powerful.
How I’d allowed him to lure
me here for riding lessons,
began to creep in my thoughts.
I’d barely sat on a stud once,
as a child, it was at a carnival.
Sensing an underlining wildness
in each one of the creatures,
I was tempted to head back.
My feet were frozen to that spot,
studying him as he walked
around each animal, careful,
but calm and collective.
The solid black stallion 
began to rear up, as if to say,
this is my pasture you intruder.
He held out his palm, shining
with a bright green apple.
Voice lowered, I had to strain
just to hear as he began to cajole
this sleek horse, before my eyes
he patiently started to charm
the animal, as it finally calmed
itself and lowered it’s head
to eat the apple and be petted.
Grinning he turned to me,
the most beautiful sight I’d seen.

@ donetta sifford 7-22-2013


5 responses

  1. a boy, his horse, and an admiring girl. perfect

  2. Well pictured, although a payday candy bar works well too, just not as pretty to imagine. Lol, good job.

  3. You describe the scene well. Horses are such beautiful, mesmerizing creatures…I guess in this piece, the man is as well 🙂

  4. What a lovely scene you painted here.

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