Every Week Buys

This list sounds like fun.       So, To The 10 Things We Buy Every Week. Here goes for my Monday Listicles:

1.   T.P.   Seriously, I don’t know if my girls eat it or what but we literally are buying toilet paper every week.

2.   Kahlua   I know that was on my thankful list with White Russians.  A lot of White Russians get drank around here.

3.   Cigarettes   Yes, nasty, expensive habit that I have had since age 15.  So at 36, I’m on the verge to picking a quitting date.  I remember being 15 and a pack of Marlboro costing $1.75 at our local store.  Now that’s laughable.

4.    Frozen Pizza’s   It’s not my cooking.  It’s just my children are weird when it comes to eating, but they both can agree on frozen pizza from Wal-mart. and it’s summer, so this is quick, easy, and doesn’t require sweating.

5.   Dog Food  If not every week, every 2.  We have one smaller dog and then somehow adopted a stray that came along, and she eats like she’s still a stray although she has been with us for over a year.

6.   Juice Boxes   It’s summer, which means my girls’ and I spend a lot of time outside and by the river, lounging, swimming.   They get thirsty of course and my Mt. Dew is off limits, so we go through some juice.

7.   Snack Food This is kind of a cheat because it fits with #6.  All day spent at the river, or park, wherever we decide to spend time, of course, my children get hungry.  So do I.  I like the healthy snack bars, but I also buy a lot of chips, crackers, and things like that which are easy to pack and stay fresh.

8.   Milk   I can go through a gallon of milk in no time eating cereal.  My girls love to drink it, I use it in scrambling eggs, my macaroni, and other things I cook.  So, it doesn’t last long.  I adore the Soy Vanilla Flavored milk, but it comes in a carton and is gone within 2 days.  So, we mostly buy 2% milk.

9.   Some type of baking mix  Once a week, usually Saturdays, my girls and I love to bake up recipes.  Sometimes it’s simple brownies, and sometimes a recipe we find somewhere.  A lot of times we make it up and mix it up as we go, which is a 50/50 chance of something yummy or something yucky.

10.  Newspaper  While I get most my news from Yahoo or online, I adore the Sunday paper.  Have since I was a child loved the comics and now, I love reading about new local events, searching through the job list, and still adore the comics section.  Also, our Sunday paper comes with grocery and product coupons that save a lot of money in the long run.

So, this is my list.  Go over to The Good Life  and share your list!

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