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Today the skies were cloudy again as I woke up with my 7 year old climbing in my bed.  I actually came and signed online for a very ‘not so proud’ moment.   I had one tea bag left and need to make 1/2 of a 2 quart pitcher.  As my brain thawed out some, I had that ‘oh yeah’ moment, 4 cups makes 1 quart. Laughing at myself still, I logged on to  read blogs.

This led me to Yeah Write 31dbbb, where I need to catch up,  so I found myself on Day 22.  The challenge for that day was to Pay Special Attention to a Reader.  I have wonderful comments and hope I have visited everyone.  If I haven’t, I will get there.  Recently I had done a post about 10 things I’m thankful for, which was for a wonderful blog by Lizzi.  This lead me to Out One Ear .

Now the Pay Special Attention to a Reader is becoming hard just to pick one.  I have read some wonderful post already that made my morning brighter.  Believe it or not folks, the sun is shining now at 9:09 a.m. here in Southwest Virginia.  Lizzi’s newest post is beautiful.   I read an amazing post at That Cynking Feeling.  Then I went on to Twitter, which led me to the madness that is my Facebook.  Here I found Linda of Out of One Ear and just read this Awesome post about Sonia and Sam planning their wedding!!

So, my attention and shout out today will go to Sonia and Sam!!!  Their story of love and a wedding made me smile inside and out.  Touching my heart and truly made my entire day look brighter.  I also loved that they are here in Virginia.  The fact that in a world going insane, two people found each other and fell in love through a remarkable friendship, is amazing!   What is also amazing, are the people who took their time to set up a page for Sonia and Sam, and the warm hearts of everyone who is helping this terrific couple with their big day!  Everyone needs a fairy tale love, if not for themselves, just to realize love does still exist.

This post isn’t so much about the challenge anymore for Yeah Write, though it helps.  I actually am self absorbed a lot of times without meaning to be.  I feel like a better person for sharing their love story and being able to help play a small part in their lives.  There’s all those sayings about helping others and forgetting your own problems takes the stress out of life, and this is proof.  Much warm and blessed wishes to Sonia and Sam.  Everyone if you find a moment today, hop over and read about this couple that has changed my life just by reading their story.  Love is a wonderful thing and Virginia is For Lovers (or so the sign tells everyone)


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  1. Awww, Donetta, thanks so much for including Out One Ear in your post/blog. What a surprise. And your sweet words made me smile. I don’t actually know Sonia and Sam. Monica (Sonia’s sister) found my blog and wrote a comment about my daughter and her husband marrying last fall (They too have special needs). So I checked out their FB page. Then I did further checking. I wanted to make sure it was a legitimate site, a legitimate request. When I heard how the community supported them, I made a few more phone calls and verified. Their story is a testament of the goodness that I know exists in the world. Thanks for your part in continuing this goodness. I know they will have an amazing day.

    1. You are very welcome. I’m so glad you took the time to do the research. I know there are a lot of scams out there, but I tend to want to see the good in everything. I hope they have an amazing day!!! Their story is a unique love and your blog is also very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I just stopped by, got a ‘like’ thingie about something in the Wakefield Doctrine blog and to my very pleasant surprise, I see the it there, in your blogroll! Thank you very much… (when I started my blog, I had two immediate goals: get Comments and (get on) blogrolls*)

    I would have commented on your most current Post…unfortunately, except for fake haiku, I totally do not understand poetry. I love the concept, but I am without skills.

    I saw that you know Lizzi. I am one of the co-hosts for her pretty amazing weekend blog hop** stop by this weekend, tell ’em the Doctrine sent ya.

    Again thank you for the positive energy.

    *I realize that you did not do this quid pro quo, however I totally believe in the principle of reciprocity, so…

    ** the format is 2 days…and while most hops are more than 1 day, what we are seeing is that some people will Post right away on Saturday, others Sunday afternoon… the very cool thing is that there is a lot of ‘cross-commenting’ from one person’s Post to another. A growing sense of community…someone likened it to a small town main street with little shops, coffee houses, bars and (over the weekend) people stop in different places and meet up and all like that..very fun

    1. This is a pleasant surprise, because I was just reading your Mix Tape. Amazing musical taste I must add. I find your blog and the Clark/Scott/Roger theory intriguing. Thanks for visiting, and you will see in my comments, that I’m almost certain, I fall under a female Clark. Seeing that Uma Thurman was included on the Clark’s of the world made me feel alright with that. I adore most of her movies. The Kill Bill volumes were wonderful.

      1. I have a vid clip of Kristen Stewart that is simply amazing, not so much for how much a clark she it, but for how her observable characteristics are so spot on with the Doctrine! There is a lot of that out there, the more you become familiar with the three worldviews…
        thank you (about the mix tape)…as a people, we clarks do the ‘eclectic’ thing way better than any one lol

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