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This summer hasn’t been as eventful as last year.  It seems as though last year, everything was happening back to back with my oldest going to 4-H camp for the first time, then a family reunion, a month of them being in N.C. with their father, a vacation in Pigeon Forge.  With everything going on though, the days seemed to spread out. This summer has went by a bit faster for me with not much of anything eventful happening that was huge. Still I can think of 6 favorites so far. 

1.  My oldest daughter’s graduation from 5th grade kicked off the beginning of this summer.  That moment was a favorite of mine, because of being proud of her, her father and I actually took a photo with our two children without any scratches or marks, and she looked gorgeous.

2.  My god-daughter and her 1 1/2 year old son spent a week and 1/2 with me.  It was fun having a baby that small around, while also knowing, that precious boy would be going home with his mommy.

3.  Seeing an old friend I hadn’t seen for awhile and actually just hanging at the mall.  Even having photos taken in the photo booth so he could take half and I take the other half.

4.  My girls had once again went their father directly after school ended to participate in his wedding in N.C.  Their return safely, 6 hours back to me, in Virginia was definitely a highlight.  A month is too long.

5.  Taking my two girls to the Monster Truck show for the 4th of July and watching the gorgeous fireworks afterwards with them.  I actually took a lot of great shots from that event also.  I am addicted to photos.

6.  My oldest celebrated her 11th birthday at my cousins house.  To just relax, cookout, enjoy cake, and getting her things she wanted was great.  I also, as every birthday, bought my 7 year old some cool stuff.  I can’t have a birthday for one and not at least get the other some type of gift.

There is my 6 so far.  We are going to the fair tomorrow night and that is always a fun thing for me.  To eat funnel cakes and then feel a tad nauseated from the rides and all the sounds.   What’s not to love.  Vacation is next month.  I enjoy everyday in the summer honestly, though it has rained in my area an abnormal amount this year.  Link up to Mama Kat and pick a prompt.  



Olivia at her father's wedding in N.C.
Olivia at her father’s wedding in N.C.
4th of July


Madison and I at the Monster Truck Show
Madison and I at the Monster Truck Show


The Prompts:

1.) Book review! What are you reading this summer?
2.) That one time you went camping.
3.) Capture a conversation you had with someone that made you laugh.
4.) List your top 6 favorite summer moments so far.
5.) Write a post inspired by the word: Coffee


2 thoughts on “6 Good Times

  1. Dana

    Sounds like a great summer so far! I love what you said in #2 – it’s wonderful to have a baby around but also wonderful that he goes home with his mommy 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the summer with your girls!

  2. All three of those photos are terrific.
    The imagine of you and an old friend going to the photo booth and splitting the pictures made me miss my old bff incredibly!

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