Fractured Hearts

“The mind of heartbreak is like a wild horse. You can’t just jump on and expect to ride. It will throw you again and again. So instead you hang around for a while until a sense of mutual trust develops.” ~Susan Piver

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

Literally, would I throw myself
on the bare back of a wild horse,
acknowledging harm this could cause?
Answer rides solely on one question.
What awaits me if I stay on,
not bucked off and broken?
Thrill of the ride was satisfying. 
Now I’m weary of the rush.
Rather hold on steady,
disregarding the danger,
proving I can handle anything.
Perhaps I’m speaking non-literal.
More about the rough bouncing 
when I’ve let my heart take a ride
without being thrown much.
Only to find, I still fell short,
my best, wasn’t good enough.
Broken arms heal quicker
than hearts. 

@ donetta sifford 7-25-2013

Written for:  Velvet Verbosity

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