Friday’s Choice – Cinquain Poem

I have been playing around with the idea for a blog hop for awhile.  So, I figure I can give it a try, see how it goes, get the hang of the Linky Tools, and perhaps build something long term.  I enjoy blog hops and prompt blogs because I run out of inspiration from time to time.  Okay, often. 

This idea for today came from a poetry community I participate in on Google+ called Poets of G+.  Wonderful community and every Wednesday, the moderators give us a prompt to base a poem on.  Then after a week, whomever gets the most 1+’s gets a shout out.  Actually 3 winners.  It’s a warm fuzzy feeling.  This isn’t a poetry hop though.  I save most of my poetry for my blog on Blogger, My Constant Thoughts.   This past prompt/challenge was to write a Cinquain Poem about anything.  A Cinquain Poem is a 5 line poem that was invented by Adelaide Crapsey and is based on Haiku and Tanka.   

Cinquain poems are five line poems and are meant to portray any emotion or vivid imagery.  Here is how each line is structured based on syllables.

Line 1 –  2 syllables

Line 2 –  4 Syllables

Line 3 –  6 syllables

Line 4 –  8 syllables

Line 5 –  2 syllables   

Here is an example of the one I wrote on My Constant Thoughts and for the Poets of G+ prompt:

Moon Madness

Full moon laughs as
lovers scream in the night.
Clawing one another apart
with words.
 @ donetta sifford 7-25-2013
Now for anyone who wants to humor me and play along, even if you don’t normally write poetry at all, please give it a shot.  Subject on anything your heart desires.  I’m adding my first Linky Code and it’s for a blog hop.  I understand now that having a free WordPress Blog, the links will appear on another page.  That’s okay.  If this picks up, and anyone has any ideas for next Friday, anything fun, feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an email.  I’m learning the ropes of Co-Host, so if anyone is interested in being a Co-Host, please, I encourage you to help me. 🙂  Thanks ahead of time and hear we go.  The above is my entry for this Friday’s Choice – Cinquain.

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