How To Save A Life

Jen Kehl

So here it is already the year 2000.  Jobs seem secure.  Life has been getting better.  The music has changed in ways I cannot yet describe. 

Girl Power trends are coming into play.  With that being said, my first song choice screams ‘women rock and men are dogs. 

Toni Braxton singing to another chic, He Wasn’t Man enough for me.  What better way to address to the ‘other woman’ and the lying men that are suddenly not getting the benefit of songs such as ‘Stand By Your Man’.

Pink who shows she is a strong woman with a soft side ever now and again, had her hit ‘There You Go’ in 2000.  This song speaks volumes to the man. It says, ‘You had me, wanted to play games, now look at you being pitiful when I throw in some game of my own’.

2001 found me in a difficult time.  My grandmother had passed away the year before, and me being Independent Woman, as sang by Destiny’s Child, was changing.  I grabbed up a song, that to this day can remind me of how far off track our lives can go. Staind with ‘It’s Been Awhile’ seemed to be written just for me during these hard times. 

2002 found me a bit angry at how life keeps throwing me curve balls.  I didn’t know whether to fight the law and let the law win, or throw on some Eminem spitting out his anger and venom in ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’.  I stuck to some Eminem for awhile.  

Jumping ahead just a couple years, to the year 2006.  Evanescence singing ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’  seemed to fit the mood I was in and can find myself in even now.  Not to mention she was beautiful. 

So, these are my top 5 picks for the ’00’s. I didn’t quite make it to 2009, but I’m sure next week I’ll get there, because it seems music has taken a turn for the not so good other than a few artist who remained true to themselves and didn’t jump onto the trends instead of preforming.  
So head over to Jen’s and tell her what you were playing for the years 2000 to 2009. 

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