Unwanted One Among Them

i watched, astonished 
how many people had crowded 
into the school gymnasium.
ones that normally
wouldn’t speak to the man
next to him on a regular day.
this wasn’t an ordinary day though.
this diverse community of citizens
some old, some young, 
the group of punk rockers
with hair lined like a rainbow of colors
another group near them,
with their tan business suits still on
men fresh in from work that day
mud staining their jeans from labor
in construction, on the farms.
all of these different people
of entirely different thoughts
and line of work had gathered.
there was a new comer to the community.
enough to cause everyone to band together.
the leader of the town meeting 
called the room to attention over his mic.
room filled with silence as he began to speak
of the invader who appeared the day before.
fresh out of prison, it could be anyone’s child.
he was a registered sex offender.
the sounds of disgust bounced off the walls.
united, the leader had spoken.
united, the entire community 
could rail road this man out of this town.
i remained straight faced, lost in thought
of my own children, hoping 
that this meeting would lead to some good.
even if it led to an angry mob,
that thought didn’t bother me either.
i knew the man they spoke of.
the social disease that threatened
everyone’s world.  everyone seemed
to speak at once, and i realized 
no matter anyone’s difference of lifestyles,
the would not allow this waste of space
to dwell among us, as if he deserved a 
normal life in an abnormal community.
i was relieved. 

@ donetta sifford 7-31-2013

Written for: Trifecta

***Blogger note***
This is non-fiction.  The beginning of summer a registered sex offender took up residence in our small community, where he has family.  He had caused a train wreck of lives before leaving, only to land in prison in PA. for the same crimes.  Upon release from prison, he had headed back to this small town, where he considered home. Thankfully, the community did band together to protect our children and make everyone aware of who this man was for the ones too young to remember.  Thank you.


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  1. Thank you for stopping by. It truly has been a nightmare this summer. The law protects his rights as a free man. I'm more concerned about the rights of everyone's children. Including my own precious daughters.

  2. Thank you for stopping by. You are correct. The silence in my town remained until 10 years ago, once the man was behind bars. Family members have been scarred emotionally forever and trust broken. So, for the same monster to reside in a town where he caused the most damage is unacceptable to me. God help his sister who allows him to stay at her home knowing how harmful he is.

  3. I too watch Law and Order SVU. It is a difficult thing to figure out. Should this person be given a second chance after 10 years in prison? Perhaps. I would feel safer knowing he's back behind bars rather than living among children. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. It makes no sense to me either. Prisons and jails are over flowing with people over drugs and problems jail cannot solve. Keeping a child molester behind bars, I believe that's what tax dollars should be spent on.

  5. Thank you for stopping by. It does seem to come natural to want to protect our children, no matter the cost.

  6. I love how the community banded together for the common cause, to protect the children. I'm glad your community did the same. Child molesters are frightening because (1) they don't change and (2) they prey on the most innocent members of society who often carry the burden in silence.

  7. Oh as a mom and someone who watches entirely too much Law and Order SVU… I think this is my greatest fear. I want to believe that people deserve a 2nd chance, the opportunity of a normal life if they paid their debt behind bars but I know that it's a naive and dangerous thought.

    I loved the way you wrote about the huddled masses, so different and yet standing in solidarity with one another.

    Thank you for linking this week.

  8. Very vivid portrayal of how people can join for a common goal. It made it so real the way you put us in your character's head. Well done.

  9. A parents worst nightmare right here! You told this in an interesting way and all the emotions were packed in tightly. What it would feel like standing in that meeting room. Well done!

  10. I will never understand why child molesters are let out of prison. They cannot be rehabilitated. It makes no sense.

  11. It is always scary when our children are threatened. Our natural instinct, as parents, is to do whatever it takes to protect them. You have conveyed that sense of panic and angst quite nicely in your piece. Thank you very much for linking up this week. Thanks for caring about kids. 🙂

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