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Written for Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop:

1.) Your morning drive. (inspired by OKRoserock)
2.) 9 pictures. 9 words. (inspired by Bits of Bee)
3.) A time somebody got stuck. (inspired by Toulouse Confessions)
4.) The first time you ever heard your parent cuss. (inspired by Crossroads of the Heart)
5.) A quote you saw on Pinterest that inspired you.

I chose number 2.  9 words. 9. Pictures inspired by Bits of Bee

1.  Birthdays

2.  Tattoos

3.  Turtles

5.  Fair

6.  Walking

7.  Sunset

8.  Vacation

9.  Perfume

my ed hardy tat nov 27, 2010

olivia's 7th birthday cake

wonder works 7-22-2012

twenyone black at rue 21

sunsetting in parrott 7-29-2013

liv with flowers 7-29-2013

the turtle

walking with liv 7-29-2013


2 responses

  1. I love the tattoo.

    1. Thank you very much. It’s an Ed Hardy design I chose and had done on my 34th birthday.

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